Let’s face it, sex for fertility purposes can become boring. I want to share with you a story about a birthday gift that my wife got me. My wife knows that I really enjoy massages. For my birthday, she bought me a subscription to a local center for a monthly massage. I was super excited. However, after only a month or two I started to find it very difficult to find free time to schedule the massage. Before I knew it, I was forcing massage time into my schedule just so the massage wasn’t wasted. I realized that because of the scheduling hassle, the massage was no longer enjoyable, and I canceled my subscription. In fact, still to this day, I don’t enjoy massages.

Now, I not saying that if sex starts to become boring or a chore that you are going to give it up for the rest of your life. What I am saying is that sex for the sole purpose of trying to have a baby can be unromantic and less fulfilling than it once was. But trust me it’s only temporary!

To overcome a decrease in sexual desire, men are prescribed a little blue pill and women are told to buy a tube of lube. The problem with this advice is that not all lubricants are created equally. Some lubricants contain compounds that decreased sperm motility or even kill sperm. These lubricants decrease fertility.

Using lubrication if intercourse is uncomfortable or difficult is a good idea. It is important to choose a lubricant that is “sperm friendly”. The lubricants listed below have been tested and are not supposed to affect sperm health or function. This doesn’t mean that “sperm friendly” lubricants improve fertility, as some manufacturers suggest but they are the best choice for people trying to get pregnant.

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