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After helping thousands and thousands of patients the Doc says he has heard it all. Including being asked how often sex toys need to be cleaned. The Doc replied how ‘bout after every use. Has he heard it all? Ask your question and put him to the test!

the Doc answers fertility questions

As you know the Doc, Todd Deutch M.D., is an expert in helping people get pregnant. He has worked with patients with fertility issues for more than 20 years. He believes strongly that anybody that wants to be a parent deserves to have the opportunity. With that in mind take the opportunity to ask him your questions about how to get pregnant.

Please keep in mind that while he would love to answer individual health questions he cannot, the lawyers won’t let him. Please do not share any specific health concerns or ask specific health questions. None of the information here or anywhere on the website is medical advice. Do not use the advice to guide medical treatment. Again the lawyers request. By the way, the Doc’s wife is a lawyer and after 20 years of marriage, three children and one goldfish, he has learned to listen to the lawyer.

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